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Welcome to my website. This website showcases some of my design and photography work along with my work background and experience. Feel free to contact me for any of my services.

The thumbnails on the right will navigate you through the web design projects that I worked on over time. The pictures page showcases some of my photogrpahy work.


-Ahmed H.H.


GizmoCASH is a website that buys second hand equipment from consumers. I did their logo design and the front-end of the website using photoshop and marking it up with html/css. The developers built the site using MS .NET. The colors were inspired by the shiny bling of a typical gizmo and the green from the cash.

gizmocash top    gizmocash bottom

The website is online @ www.gizmocash.com


I did a complete overhaul of the website. The new theme (the Oasis) was applied to both the Subdreamer CMS and the vBulletin forum in a way that blends the content together without noticing the different software backends.


Crazy Phonez

A logo design for an ebay store of primailry cellular phones hence the cellphone tower signal. The logo colors are inspired from the Argentenian flag because they were the owner's favorite soccer team. Craziness is implied in the font used.

CrazyPhonez Logo


The name is derived from an Arabic musical note. I used a similar setup to the note in creating their logo and put the S and E on the same levels of the musical note.

Seekah Logo

Total Engineering Solutions

I used Adobe Illustrator to design the logo for Total Engineering Solutions and used the triangle of total quality as a motiviaton for my design. The infinite loop resembles the infinite solutions offered.

TES Logo

MWi Blogs

A community blog logo with the initials MWi constructed by overlaying different font elements. The logo design was done in Adobe Fireworks.

MWi Logo


A 3-column html layout featuring a transparent background that would be ideal for a blog or a brand website.


Systems Engineering Chapter

A single column html web layout for the Systems Engineering Chapter student organization at UCF. [ Live ]